Chrome Pacifier Blanks **READ CAREFULLY**


Pacifier Blanks (BPA free, plastic)

MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 6 (if less your order will be cancelled)

Included: pacifier, clip on

***packaging is an option***

***cannot be sublimated on***

***shipping CAN BE anywhere from15-25 business days IF ON BACK ORDER***

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WARNING: All rhinestones are placed on the pacifiers by hand and are secured well. However, we can not guarantee that any rhinestones won’t come free. It is HIGHLY recommended that the child is under supervision while using the pacifier. if the child is seen picking or chewing, then DISCONTINUE use. Remember these are handmade so extra unique care is take extra care of your baby’s pacifiers AND ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CHILDS SAFETY IN MIND ABOVE ALL ELSE. Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: Our pacifiers are novelty items and not intended for regular use. They are designed for special occasions and photos hoots. Crystal’s and other decorations on the product may detach with improper care and can pose a choking risk. NEVER leave your child unattended with out items. By purchasing this product, you as the customer agree that the use of the product is entirely at your own risk. Liability in regards to this product is solely lies on the purchaser. ICandi Designs is not responsible for any risks once item is purchased.

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Gold/Gold, Pink/Gold, Baby Blue/Gold, Red/Gold, Black/Gold, Clear/Gold, Purple/Gold, Silver/Silver, Red/Silver, Black/Silver, Clear/Silver, Purple/Silver, Rose Gold/Rose Gold


0-6 mo, 6-18 mo, 18 mo

Packaging (See Above- OPTIONAL)

Pacifier Packaging (+$1.50)

Minimum Order Quantity

5 and below (+$3), 6 and above (do NOT choose this option if you have LESS THAN 6 – your order will be CANCELED)


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